April 19, 2017

Sage CRM

CRM customers will be able to make the right decision for their businesses in a more clearer and easier way. They will have better visibility and access to information. Sage CRM support your business sales, marketing, and customer services.

Sales Services: Sage CRM simplify work for sales while using the sales manager and sales dashboard. It provides your business manager with sales-oriented data. Such as a management dashboard, Preconfigured alerts and notifications, and sales workflows.

 Marketing: Sage CRM helps you plan your marketing campaigns. Such as, track results faster, organize your customer, sending promotions and special offers emails, and managing social media.

 Customer Service: Sage CRM tries to give the best customer service by providing case management, SLA tracking, a central knowledgebase and powerful reporting. These tools help report critical situation with customers quickly, engage more conversations with customers, manage and monitor cases in a timely monitor.


Sage CRM Benefits

Easy To Use

Easy to use for all employees because they believe that software shouldn’t be difficult to use.

Rich Your Business With Tools

Provides tools for marketing, sales, and customer services employees to make their tasks easier and faster to finish.

Work Easily

Helps you and your team to easily review sales cycles and make decisions clearly.

Real-Time Data

Provides up to date information of your company, so your management team will have a full review in an easier way.

Anywhere & Anytime Access

Allows you to access easily from anywhere and anytime. Sales people can follow up with their customers and sales actions on a mobile device.

Team Collaboration

Makes you and your team more collaborate because you will be able to share business information in a place that everyone can be up to date.


Manages different areas in business with their flexible and adaptable solutions. It can help your business today and adapt with you as you grow

Sage CRM Features

Communicate With Customers

Being able to communicate with your customers through multichannel. Such as emails, telephone, sales signals and social media.

Monitor Your Business

Monitoring your sales revenues and spending by allowing your sales team and marketing team stay in touch to increase productivity.

Follow up Your Business

CRM enables sales productivity by sending reminders from the web site directly to the sales team to follow up. Also, they provide a sales app to stay updated anywhere all times.


CRM can be customized in the way you want it to be. You can customize features in your apps, fields, and modules.  

Work Together

CRM helps everyone in your team follow the same process even when you’re not looking by using blueprint.

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