It’s time to turn your business dreams into reality with the real-time visibility, collaboration, agility, and innovation you need to succeed.

Sage X3 is a comprehensive multinational business management solution built on the most flexible and expandable architecture available today. Cost-effective, quick to implement, and simple to use. Sage X3 provides best-in-class solutions to automate workflow throughout your organization. It is a unified solution delivers enterprise-wide visibility, maximizing collaboration and providing insight for strategic decisions that drive revenue growth and improve profitability.

Sage X3 Benefits

Sage X3 offers all the features you would expect from a powerful software solution, with additional features well suited for companies managing multiple businesses across country borders. Sage X3 contains the power and tools to help you see your business in a new way so you can improve productivity, envision success, and accelerate growt

Sage X3 offers a wide range of standard features that are hard to find in competitive products, making it one of the most cost-effective ERP solutions on the market.

Your business is fluid and ever-changing, so Sage X3 is designed to support both your current and future needs.  You simply start with the features you need today, then scale up and “turn on” new features and leverage the open architecture to easily reconfigure process flows as your needs change.

Many ERP systems are too complicated and unsuitable for mid-sized companies.  Unless you have deep pockets and can wait several years to “go live”, you’ll appreciate that Sage X3 is simple to implement, easy to use, and customizable when you need it.

Since thousands of companies worldwide are using Sage X3 across 50+ countries, it’s no surprise that multinational functionality is built right into the software including support for multiple languages, legislation, and currencies.

Because Sage X3 is web-native, you get the exact same system whether you access it locally (client/server) or over the web – something few other ERP systems can offer.

With an open design and top-notch technology, Sage X3 works equally well with Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases and Windows, Unix, or Linux operating systems – providing you with technological “freedom of choice.”

The latest technology in forward-looking solutions


Our future-proof technology helps increase visibility and collaboration in your business. Through user-centred design and self-service capabilities, your managers and employees will enjoy easy access to the information they need at any time and on any device.

Multi- browser,
multi-OS &

Sage X3 is HTML5-compliant which allows you to use any popular web browser, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

The system runs equally well on Windows, Unix (AIX) or Linux (Red Hat), and with either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases.


Even with hundreds of concurrent users, the robust N-tier architecture will consistently deliver optimum performance.

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