April 19, 2017

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a platform used secure document management and collaboration. It is a date storage system. Your organization can connect SharePoint with the features already offered through O365, such as access to email, applications, and storage from any device. You can achieve savings and benefit if you start using Online SharePoint.

SharePoint Online Benefits

Easy Access Management

Managing external access will be easier: All employees will be able to share information with external users if they have Microsoft accounts.


One drive for businesses: It is a storage for all employees. It will make it easier for employees to share and elaborate.

Anywhere Access

Ability to access from anywhere: All users will not be tied up to use a single server. You can access online SharePoint from any server or device which will make it easier for employees to follow up.


SharePoint provides strong date security for all of the information that the organization and employees share on the Online SharePoint.

SharePoint Online Features

Flexible Infrastructure

Provides a flexible cloud infrastructure. It can adjust to your unique business

User Friendly

The entire user interface is redesigned to make navigation and achieving simple tasks easy.


Users can share everything including sites, folders and individual documents using the Guest Link feature.

Discover Content

A new e-Discovery management site enables enterprises to add sources and create queries to discover content across sites and document libraries, mailboxes, and discussions while keeping them in place in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online.

Integrated With Exchange Online

Site Mailbox combines SPO’s document management abilities with Exchange Online’s email solution.


SharePoint Online search has greatly improved the relevancy of search results, giving users a better chance at finding appropriate results.

Apps Management

SharePoint Online in Office 365 now includes this new programming model for the development, installation, management and use of apps.

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