Advisory Services

Set of value driven “client side” suite of service, based on the provision of highly skilled, independent and professional advice, backed by global knowledge networks and subject matter experts.

Standard Advisory Service

Onetime Cost + Actuals

Engage as a project
Current state analysis -> Strategy
Can be part of existing initiatives
Fixed onetime cost timeline based
Good for multi-year vision initiatives
4 technology verticals to choose from
Can bring experts in each field in person
Typical 4 Weeks – 2 Months engagement

Client’s Advisory Board

Subscription Cost

Continuous consulting
Strong relationship and continuous access
Hourly Charge model or Fixed yearly model
Good for project consulting, solutioning, strategic realizations etc.
Typically engages for few hours or days in a week
Part of regular meetings and discussions on-demand

Strategy to execution

Advisory services for technology transformation

Dynamic Cloud has specific skillsets in the whole advisory services area. We have focus areas within technology strategy that we are really good at.

Enable hybrid cloud adoption
Move dev, test, Non-Sensitive Application to cloud
Enable cloud services internally
Embrace platforms like AWS, Google cloud
Adopt containerization, virtualization
More automation
Increase consolidation using Container adoption
Data center orchestration & automation
Data center modernization
Cut down on cost by introducing automation
Achieve financial efficiency by Open Source Adoption
Modernize systems and application
Adopt AI for better decision making and business outcomes
Take decisions based on Data
Drive organization based on Data-driven insights
Combine IOT, AI & Data Science
Data Lake adoption and AI readiness
Enable enterprise Data Lake & Predictive Analytics
Sourcing, Curation and Delivery mechanism for various data
Enable remote work opportunities
Adopt Better productivity using mobility
Self Service creation for reduced IT operations
AI Bots, Conversation agents
Identity & Access control
Data Leakage Prevention
Mobile Devices & apps management
Cloud-based productivity services

Key Activities

Help Clients Advance Their Digital

Understand &
2-4 Weeks

Current State Analysis
Portfolio Analysis
Gap Analysis
Stake-holder interview
Core IT collaboration

Design & Define
4-8 Weeks

Strategy Development
Architecture Development
Plan Development
Program Alignment
High-level & Solution architectures

Plan & Socialize
2-4 Weeks

IT Program plan
Target State Reports
Stakeholder and Key owner trainings
Team consulting

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