Comprehensive solutions for complex environments with AR/VR applications which help you to solve toughest challenges driving uptime, productivity, profitability, and superior operating results.

3D Laser Scanning

Through an automatic geometric surveying system for complex surroundings, that generates 3D high resolution and precise representations.

3D Modeling

From the Point Cloud, external geometry CAD Models are generated, as well as BIM Models with detailed tailor-made mechanical and/or process information related to each component.

3D Visualization

The 3D representations generated through the scanning and modeling activities can now be used much more efficiently thanks to our web-based cloud platform.


Improvements in risk management strategies for equipment failures, increasing cost effectiveness, machinery uptime, greater safety understanding and reducing levels of maintenance.


Measure various parameters of the project in real-time and understand what is exactly happening. Provides capabilities to remotely monitor and manage project parameters and state. Compare against CAM and BIM models to ensure compliance with the target state.

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