3D Modeling

Applications of Point Clouds
and CAD / BIM Models

Route plans for installation and removal of equipment (in less time and with greater precision), reducing errors and costs
Evaluation of future modifications in equipment, structures and pipelines
High precision detailed plans
Updating of As-Built and P&ID’s plans
Deformation and clash detection
Generation of BIM models associated with tailor-made detailed information on: processes (fluids, pressure, temperature), mechanicals (type, materials, diameters, thicknesses) maintenance (inspection, replacement, dates, procedures), among others.
Bill of materials for major maintenance
Determination of insulation inefficiencies, hot spots (refractory lining) and rotating equipment failures
Visualization of Points Clouds and CAD/BIM Models on web platform through internet browser
Visualization of Points Clouds and CAD/BIM Models in Augmented Reality
Generation of Plot Plans to obtain general measurements of facilities, as well as areas identification (plants, patios, major equipment, control rooms, among others).

Products benefits

Reduction of plant shutdown times and/or operational windows
It allows the pre-fabrication of mechanical and structural elements, without visiting the field
Risk reduction for inspectors and operators during the activities of verification and identification of mechanical elements, equipment, structures and instruments in the field (less exposure time in the area)
Speed in dimensional surveying of the facilities (Points Clouds)

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