3D Visualization

The 3D representations generated through the scanning and modeling activities can now be used much more efficiently thanks to our web-based cloud platform.

Access to Point Clouds and CAD/BIM Models through an internet browser from any computer or mobile device, with multi-user access and in any language
Virtual tours, measurements, viewing and information update directly to the Model
Documents, images and videos upload
Visualization of data processing, historical and in real time (Telemetry)
Collaborative tools: chat that can be saved and emailed, video conferencing and electronic whiteboard
Cloud platform with secured access that allows team members to analyze simultaneously the same information from any place in the world
No need to purchase several software licenses
It allows data upload and updating directly to the model from the facility efficiently and error-proof
It allows virtual personnel training in a safe environment without risk exposure

Augmented Reality

View static information from the BIM Model or any other digital information of the plant in the augmented reality glasses – ARG
Plant monitoring can be carried to the ARG in real-time if it is automated. If not, monitoring automation setup is offered
Real-time interaction through video conference with a supervisor in a remote location with the possibility of sharing: image, audio, voice and general information.
The system recognizes physical objects that have been previously fed to the database
The instrument does not hinder the vision of the real environment while it is being used
The system is able to gather the user’s position, orientation and scrolling path to select and filter the displayed information
The system is able to recognize QR codes
Interaction with virtual objects through audio recognition, gestures and accessory pointers
Instruction system and training in the field
Remote viewing of confined spaces

Virtual Reality

Immersive walkthrough of the BIM Model and the Point Cloud, with real-time information
Remote view of facilities
Visualization and interaction with virtual models (proposed or existing) for simulations or case analysis
Access to training rooms and virtual conferences
It can be used as a guide and remote training system
Real-time plant monitoring for automated systems and processes
Static travel or in controlled environments
The system is able to find the user’s position, orientation and scrolling path to select and filter the displayed information
Interaction with objects of virtual reality, through pointers, accessories and voice recognition

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