FleetNext Core

Control the chaos of fleet operations, the all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes.
Vehicle Location History
Track your vehicles based on when and where daily fleet activities take place.
Work Orders
Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs..
Service History
View a complete service history for every vehicle in your fleet.
Issue Management
Create efficiency and maximize uptime with an end-to-end issue management system.
Reports & Insights
Powerful insights into fleet maintenance and operations trends
Vehicle Assignments
See all of your vehicle assignments and manage them with ease.
Control Center
Single Map based view from you can control view & everything
Fuel Management
Control fuel usage, View fuel trend insight, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation.
Purchase Orders
Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies.
Maintain airtight compliance with electronic vehicle inspections.
Parts & Inventory
Track fleet parts and supplies with ease.
Asset Management
Properly managing assets allows you to acquire, allocate, operate and remarket smarter
Contact Management
Track all the people and entities that touch your fleet.

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