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Vision Led Leadership

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Othman Al Othman


Othman Al Othman is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of DE, a Saudi Service provider and materials supplier to the Middle East and North African Oil & Gas industry. Othman exclusively represents over 30 leading Oil & Gas services and manufacturing international companies in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Al Othman holds Directorship and Chairmanship positions in various holding Companies. Namely, non-destructive testing company QTech, Valve Serve and water desalination and treatment company. He also serves on the boards of several joint ventures in Saudi Arabia.

Keeping in mind the country vision for Local Content IKTIVA Mr. Al Othman entered the manufacturing space with the founding of Dynamic Oil Tools, a high-end machining and manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia for multiple oil & gas downhole equipment.


Dynamic Cloud for Information and Technology was founded by Mr. Al Othman to align with Kingdom vision 2030 IR 4.0 and provide with top node AI and IOT solutions serving domains within Oil and Gas and Industrial Sectors.

Othman holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from King Saud University, Riyadh. As well as an Advanced Diploma in business development from Rice University, USA. Othman is an avid reader and spends his free time studying the latest technical papers and reports on the Oil & Gas and Technology industries.

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Khalid Al Saif

Managing Director

Mr. Khalid Al Saif leads the core team as the Managing Director and has been a pillar of strength ever since the inception of Dynamic Cloud in 2016. Over the years he has set the growth trajectory of the organization and partners of Dynamic Cloud.   


His exposure and learnings in Information Systems Management is based on his excellence in Masters of Science from the United Kingdom and his foundation in Information Technology is credited to the Bachelor's degree from King Saud University.

Mohammed AlSaleh - Dynamic Cloud

Mohammad AlSaleh

Corporate Business Development Manager

Mohammad Alsaleh acts as the Corporate Business Development Manager at Dynamic Cloud; responsible for creating and maintaining strategic partnerships as well as various business growth to meet organizational objectives. Eng. Mohammad identifies, analyse, and execute business plans based on customer requirements and business data to achieve business goals.


Eng. Mohammad is a business-minded professional whose background derives from a diverse skill-set comprised of work experience and formal studies in the areas of Industrial Engineering, General Business, and Safety Management from the University of Arkansas and Northeastern State University, USA.

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Faisal Ahmed

Sales Manager

Faisal Ahmed is the Sales Manager at Dynamic Cloud, Faisal hold 11+ Years of experience in Business Development/Sales with the IT Industry and has extensive knowledge of national and international market trends.


Faisal’s experience is spread across account management, sales and closing skills; Proficient in accessing decision makers, discovering buyer’s influencers, negotiations, and overcoming customer objections. He has an exceptional ability in supporting a company’s growth, development, and execution of business plans to retain company's customers, as well as up-sell its products and services.


IT engineer by profession, Faisal has his mindset focused on entrepreneurial selling and problem solving, Faisal thinks from a prospective of an owner in his own territories taking more accountability of the outcomes and success, no matter what’s going on around him-makes him a thorough professional.

Let's Connect

Located in: Al-Othman Business Park, Prince Sultan Road, Al Khobar.

Saudi Arabia.

Phone: +966 53 693 5043

Dynamic Cloud is a cutting-edge innovative solution provider, which combines state- of-the-art technologies with years of global & local expertise. With flexible but standard process & people know-hows, we build compelling solutions to the most pressing business challenges.

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