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IOT Solutions

Streamline your processes, enhancing productivity and profitability

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Explore our Warehouse Management Solution using RFID Technologies and TagCloud® Platform

Our integrated IoT services & solutions are primed to deliver accuracy, agility and consistency  when it comes to collecting and transferring data over a wireless network without human intervention with a smoothness like never before.

Embrace true automation and reduce manual processes through automated scanning and data entry to improve overall productivity.

Get the real-time information needed to make faster, better-informed decisions and the ability to be more responsive to the customer.





TagCloud is an IoT platform build by Dynamic Cloud to enable the smart warehouse using RFID technologies. It is built to support our Clients growing needs and is fully customizable to meet our client needs and can be hosted locally on the local network or on the cloud.

  • Asset Management Modules

  • BLE Gateways

  • Customized Dashboard

  • Real-time Reporting

A One-Stop Cloud-based Gate Pass Management system like ours is designed for monitoring and maintaining records of the entry and exit of the company vehicles, employees, visitors, and materials.


The digital entries in the software track the overall visit of a party to the premises of a certain business. Then the notifications are sent to the concerned department or person and only on approval permission is granted within the premises.

Now you can Manage gates, employees, approval, Access Codes, Permits and Workflow details over a single platform.



Stable & Scalable Solutions

Dynamic Cloud has focused on building a dynamic ecosystem with extensive research & development, partnership with global and innovative companies, design and produce advanced solutions to support the growing technology needs of our clients.



Fleet management and tracking platform  that helps enterprises to manage own  vehicles and drivers, and to monitor  vehicles in a real-time using GPS and GPRS  technologies with minimum setup time  required.

Trucks Parked In Line


FleetNext® is a flexible and reliable  solution for managing fleets. Giving you more control and

real-time updates on your entire fleet at a single portal.

With FleetNext® you can now

  • Increase control over fleet

  • Save time

  • Save fuel

  • Reduce vehicle operating cost



Let's Connect

Dynamic Cloud is a cutting-edge innovative solution provider, which combines state- of-the-art technologies with years of global & local expertise. With flexible but standard process & people know-hows, we build compelling solutions to the most pressing business challenges.

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